About me

My Philosophy

I believe that knowledge is power and that fear can be paralyzing. I see the scary movie scenes and the politics and the daily grind and I worry that the world is currently set up against anyone thinking of having a baby.


We are too often taught to be scared, nervous, to not believe in ourselves and our bodies, not to question advice, and to give away our power and our plans at the first sign of trouble.

In teaching the full KGH hypnobirthing course I hope to work with you and your partner to alleviate any hidden tensions and anxieties; to answer as many questions as you have; to teach a different view on the birthing process and what rights you have as a birthgiver in the current system of maternity care; and to show you and whomever you choose to have at your birth some deeply effective methods of summoning calm, of breathing, of balance and of movement that can help before, during and after your birth.

“You were so supportive and kind! We couldn't have done it without you.”  
M & D
My Story

Over the years, my career has moulded me into a unique combination of a nurse specialist in anaesthesia and a registered midwife. I have been helping mothers and fathers in some of the most life-changing situations of their lives for a very long time, and have also worked with newborn babies and young children going through serious medical and surgical operations.


For you, this translates as a mountain of practical knowledge and experience to help guide you and open up options for you and your birth. In my Lay of the Land section, I open up the floor to your questions and talk you through a range of scenarios from Plan A to Plan Z, so that if faced with any of these, it won't be the first time you think about them, and your decisions in the moment will be much more informed. Sometimes, a physical run-through of a situation that may worry you can provide profound reassurance.


As a KGH certified and Royal College of Midwives accredited hypnobirthing teacher, with extensive training in mindfulness and hypno-psychotherapy, I use my skills and lived experience to deliver a hands-on, interactive, gentle, evidence-based and empowering course.


Questions and skeptics and enthusiasm welcome!

My Training
Registered Midwife

Trained at a renowned London specialist hospital

KGH Hypnobirthing Teacher

Trained with Katherine Graves of KGH Hypnobirthing

Registered Nurse

Trained in specialist emergency paediatric and obstetric anaesthesia

MBCBH Trainee

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Hypno-Psychotherapy trainee and registration as a Mindfulness Teacher

“Thank you for helping us and even teaching us to wrap our baby! Goodluck with making a difference to many babies and mothers around the world!”. K.