Image by Alicia Petresc

Forest Walks and Birth Talks

I believe in the calming and healing power of being in nature and have been lucky enough to live close to the trees and mountains and waters of North Wales and now on the water in London. With one foot on the earth and one foot in the spirit/nature, talking about your birth and learning about how nature designed your body exactly for this process can be an exhilarating and grounding experience. Whether in a park, on the canal, your local patch of trees or on a trip out of town, for some families learning to connect and hypnobirthing in the fresh air of nature makes complete sense.

After some trial explorations with pregnant couples walking over gentle hills whilst talking birth and answering many questions, we agreed that we all felt soothed, rosy-cheeked and well-informed. It seems that hearing  some of the more difficult parts of the Lay of the Land section whilst bathed in sunshine and nature can make it easier to take in.

If you feel like this is something you would like, please contact me for a chat about joining me or meeting in nature for some or part of your course.

"A weekend full of oxytocin, thanks to the amazing Maryla. The set up, so great for a pregnant woman to spend time near water. The scenery, relaxing, refreshing and invigorating to walk in the beautiful Welsh landscape. 

Those long walks we took were the best to discuss what labour might be like whilst admiring the nature around us. 

Maryla described in full details what an induction of labour might be like, (with a potential emergency cesarean at the end so kind of hard stuff) as we walked up this little mountain with the promise of a very beautiful sunset at the top surrounded by the ruin of a medieval castle. This scenery is now ingrained in our minds and induction will be forever associated with the beauty of going up this mountain. The best way to envision and take in what birth might be like without fear and with lots of breathing, especially going up the mountain!

There was lots of laughing, cuddling, hypnobirthing, exercises, delicious hearty food, great conversations, and fun all around which made this antenatal weekend packed with joy and so easy to take in! We now feel prepared,  very chilled and positive about the birth, regardless of how it ends up being. 

We would highly recommend it to parents to be as a luxury little holiday with bonuses before entering babyland.

Giving Maryla all the stars!!!"

Sarah P & Steve R