A Range of Classes to Suit You

From private classes online or in your own home, to group classes or community taster days, to weekend intensives or the standard recommended four sessions making up 12 hours of teaching time, I will try to cater to your needs.

Antenatal Education

Whether you already have other antenatal classes booked, or whether this will be the only one you take, no matter! We provide a holistic antenatal education within the sessions, with emphasis on informed choice and consent.

Breathing, Audio and Visualization Techniques 

Using hypnobirthing techniques to engage your whole body and all of your senses, you will learn techniques that will relax you, relieve anxieties, release unconscious fears and prepare you for the birth of your baby. We will focus on you and your birthing partner working together as a team, listening to each others' voices and using touch to create familiarity and lasting positive triggers.


Relaxation for mother, baby and partner 

Time spent focusing on you, on your body, on breathing in and out, on your relationship with your birth partner, on your birth partners' worries, deepening your knowledge, decreasing circulating stress hormones... All of these combined make for a warm and relaxing environment for everyone involved.

And so much more...

There will be so much more! Here is a list of some of the subjects that we will cover:


  • hypnosis & self-hypnosis,

  • the anatomy and physiology of childbirth,

  • how your uterus does her thing and how to help her,

  • what is happening to your body now and after,

  • pregnancy and birth myths,

  • perineal massage,

  • breathing techniques for labour,

  • calmness and grounding techniques,

  • how to be the best birth partner ever,

  • avoiding negativity,

  • making informed decisions,

  • the Lay of the Land,

  • working the system, 

  • birth plans ABCDE....Z,

  • positive birth affirmations,

  • antenatal colostrum harvesting,

  • celebrating postnatal bodies,

  • the postnatal ward,

  • postnatal life and the 'cuarentana',

  • food not flowers,

  • simple post-natal exercises,

  • breastfeeding and your choices,

  • and many, many more...!

Phone & Email Support 

Just because class is over, doesn't mean I won't be around to answer any questions you forgot to ask or point you in the right direction if you are unsure of something. Maybe you just need to hear a hypnobirthing method again - that's okay, I'm here!

When should I start?

As soon as you are ready! Many women attend their first session and begin practising at home at around 28-30 weeks, but some have deep anxieties about birth and so begin much earlier. Hypnobirthing works best when you practise daily over a few weeks, so as soon as you feel you are ready to start, come along!

As a Hypnobirthing Teacher, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

You will be learning about birth, learning to breathe, doing some gentle exercises and following hypnobirthing scripts. We try to make this warm and about you and your mind, not about medicine.

Make decisions for you 

Everything we do in class is a choice, and although we recommend participating in the whole class, there are some things that some people don't want to do and we understand that. Nor will we be telling you how to give birth, who to give birth with or where. We provide support and evidence-based knowledge on what your choices are then teach you methods to make informed decisions for yourself, calmly and in any situation.

Give medical advice

I won't be wearing my clinician hat, so I won't be giving any medical advice during the classes.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

We are all unique, with our own upbringing, belief system, culture, curiosities and strengths and weaknesses. This course contains no judgement, zero assumptions and will never try to tell you what you should and what you should not. It's your body, your birth, your experience. Take what you will from our teaching and then make it yours!

Provide any outdoors skills or supervision

If you choose to come with me on a journey into hypnobirthing in nature, I will walk with you and talk with you and choose safe spaces for us to meditate. We will never venture further than help can reach us. I cannot, however, vouch for nature nor provide any rescue skills beyond First Aid. 

Free Consultation 

Not sure if hypnobirthing is for you? Have some more questions about what it involves or how it could fit into your life? Feel free to contact me for a friendly chat over a caffeine-free beverage (in person, on the phone or online).

Why KGH?

I chose KGH Hypnobirthing Training because it is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. It is a pragmatic and hands-on method, based on the latest research and, most importantly, it encourages informed decision-making and kindness. 


The emphasis on birth partners is also invaluable, as I have seen so many partners fall apart as a supporter despite their love and admiration for the person giving birth, simply because they didn't know what they could do. KGH understands this struggle and teaches partners how they can be the best support system in the world.


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