What is hypnosis?
Read the following to yourself - slowly…

Just imagine, for a moment, that you have given yourself permission to fall into a deep daydream about having your baby.

Imagine all of the thoughts that you might be having... Thoughts flowing through your mind about the birth, about looking after your baby, about your new life... Plans. Hopes. Fears. Worries. Dreams...

And then a voice inside of you starts to speak to you. It's your voice. The voice is strong and calm and so kind. And the voice tells you that everything will be okay. Everything will be as it should be. That you are stronger than you know. That you are capable. That your body knows what to do. Your body knows how to grow a baby... how to birth a baby... how to cuddle a baby...

Such a positive voice that when you open your eyes and leave your daydream, you find you do feel strong and calm and renewed and you really are looking forward to meeting your little baby.

The essence of what you have just read above and, more importantly, the place your mind went to whilst you were reading: that's hypnosis. This is just one way in which hypnosis can be a powerful tool for guiding your mind into positivity and relaxation. And where the mind goes, the body follows. 

Hypnosis does not mean sleeping or being a chicken or anything that you might have seen on stage. It is primarily a way of connecting with your inner self and helping you to relax and explore your true thoughts and emotions in a safe space.

Hypnosis itself has been used in therapy, in surgery, in helping to solve emotional blocks and in chronic pain for hundreds of years - in adults and children alike (though their imaginations are much better than ours and so it is often much easier!). The word 'mesmerize' even comes from one of the early pioneers of hypnosis, a Mr James Mesmer.

In hypnobirthing, we take some of the teachings used in hypnotherapy and combine them with antenatal and postnatal education, breathing work and other techniques to prepare you and your birth partner mentally and physically for the rest of your pregnancy, your birth journey and for the often dismissed weeks and months beyond as you adjust to your new life as a parent.